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For 93 Assembly State of New York

                                   ASSEMBLYMAN MIKE SPANO'S LIES CONTINUE!
by Colonel Arthur DeRuve (Ret)   

                            When Mike Spano became a turncoat from the principles of the Republican Party he lied as to the reason. He alleged that the good reason for so doing was to be in a better position to deliver for his constituency as a member of the majority party in the New York State Assembly. The real reason, of course, was to be able to take advantage of the demographic changes in his constituency, which now favor his new party, and make his future reelection easier. He did it for himself, not for us.
                             The hypocrisy of his allegations are now spotlighted by what his
new friends in the Assembly Majority have done to "help" our city this year. The band of Democrats in Albany, of which he is now a tried and true member, has held up over 100 good, commonsense bills designed to help New York's hardworking families and businesses. Among these have been:
The Property Taxpayer Protection Act, Assembly Bill 8775-A, killed 5/29/08.  
The Energy Tax Relief For Families Bill, Assembly Bill 5353-A, killed 4/14/08.
The Protecting Children From Sexual Predators Bill, Assembly Bill 6704-A, killed 5/6/08
The Property Tax Relief For Small Business Bill, Assembly Bill 6413, killed 4/15/08.
Expanding Healthcare Access For New Yorkers Bill, Assembly Bill 3880, killed 3/18/08.
Easing The Burden Of Unfunded Mandates on Schools and Municipalities, Assembly 
                                                                                                                  Bill 4815-A, killed 5/14/08.
Manufacturing Preservation & Enhancement Act, Assembly Bill 9656, killed 4/8/08.
                                   Mike Spano no longer represents the good people of our Assembly District, Rather he has become another puppet of, and dances to the tune played by,
The Dictator Of The New York State Assembly, Sheldon Silver! One might normally feel sad for someone who has fallen from the height of respectability as has Mike Spano; someone who has abandoned the legacy of an outstanding Republican family to join forces with those whom he has so roundly, and rightly, condemned through the years-for selfish motives. However, we are not talking about a person who has been stricken by an unwanted illness, or a terrible unwanted accident. We are talking of a person who, with his eyes wide open, walked away from the "good guys" and joined with the "bad guys" for his advancement, and to our detriment! Such a person deserves to be defeated, and soundly, in his coming bid for reelection!!